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AUGUST 10% Discount Code Offer

AUGUST  2021 shredding 10% online discount offer, use promotion code 'SHRED07' when placing an order for products and shredding services (regular shredding services subject to a customer GDPR compliance agreement).

a) Home Shred - clear out all those old paper records, promotional leaflets, envelopes and ensure GDRP compliance.

b) One off collection -  review paper record file storage, and clear out old files and make more usable space. Sacks, Bags, archive boxes and pallet collections available.

c) Regular collections - contact us to  set up a regular collection service with free lockable storage consoles or wheeled bins. With regular weekly, 2weekly or monthly GDPR compliance collections.

Contact us for more information;

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Telephone -  0117 982 8090